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Re: Worried.... [Re: Katie Garvey] #414665 04/29/11 04:04 PM
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kksuns Offline
Platinum Star Soulmate
Platinum Star Soulmate
Joined: Jul 2008
Posts: 7,692
I don't think it's the size of the dog that matters. It could be a 5 pounder or a 100 pounder. A lot depends on the dog/puppy itself. It's disposition.
There is no way of knowing what your puppy will be like until it's had time to grow, learn and be trained. Even the best trained and sweetest tempered dogs should NEVER be left unattended when birds are out. Even if they don't mean to hurt the bird, it can most certainly happen. Just by placing their big ole paw on it "playing"

Your best bet is to find a safe place out of reach of your new dog. On top of the refrigerator is NOT an option. It's a terribly spot for a bird cage. Too much cooking and odors and even temp changes. Not to mention grease etc.

Like you said yourself..puppies(and this one is going to be a big one LOL) are rambunctious and clumsy. Be sure to find a good safe place for the cage BEFORE you get the pup. He could very well knock in to the cage or stand and send it tumbling.

How big is your bird's cage? Can it possibly be hung somewhere? Safely and securely? Can someone build a nice secure shelf to put it on? Large enough for the cage to be STABLE on it and high enough to be out of reach of dogs.

Anyway, congrats on getting a new puppy. Just be very VERY cautious.
My dog Abbey is a sweetheart and would never intentionally harm my birds..or even outside birds squirrels...any small animal. BUT I still never leave her unattended when my birds are out.It's just not worth the risk no matter how small.

Re: Worried.... [Re: Katie Garvey] #414670 04/29/11 06:02 PM
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Merry Offline
Joined: Jun 2010
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My dog is oblivious to Jeffie, but Jeffie would not hesitate to land right on the dog or withing grasp if you let her. Sometimes, unpredictably, she will drop down to the floor to explore. Vigilance and planning are crucial when mixing different pets as it is when mixing pets and children.

Re: Worried.... [Re: Katie Garvey] #414690 04/29/11 08:57 PM
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illusive Fantasy Offline
Platinum Star Soulmate
Platinum Star Soulmate
Joined: Nov 2009
Posts: 7,295
personally only my observation in having also breed and shown dogs...i wouldnt trust it to be a situation that would not turn out badly...puppy or grown dog smile

Re: Worried.... [Re: Katie Garvey] #414692 04/29/11 09:54 PM
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Katie Garvey Offline OP
OP Offline
Joined: Jan 2011
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Toony: Well i want another dog because my family and me love animal's!!(: We have a ton of them! And a puppy would make a GREAT addition the the family(: Isn't putting a bird cage on top of a refridurator kinda not the easyist thing to acecess??

Tessboss: Ok thank you!(: I will definetly look into the XPen! and dont worry i will supervise the dog and will not trust the dog and let her know the boundries with my bird dobby(:

Skycastle: Thank's and man you have a big dog!! A cute dog though(: and no hahaha puppy's arent killer's just curious;)! A new puppy is alway's exciting!!

Illusive: Dont worry(: i will deffiently take caution with the puppy! And dicipline him and train the dog(:(:(: And your right!! No dog is a killer(:! It's just it's normal instinct that's all(:

Calliou: Wow you have a BIG dog!! ive heard they are actully pretty mellow(:

PDM: Yess hahaha my family has TON'S of planning to do(:

kksun: Yes size of the dog probably dosent matter(: This dog breed has a good disposition. Yes i agree with you! Im not putting the cage on top of the refridurator(:. Idk how big my cage exactly is but it isnt to small but isnt big either. Im not 100% shure were i will put it i will figure that out later and thanks! Getting a new puppy should be fun!(:

merry: hahaha ok thank's!(:

THANKS GUY'S!!!(: for all the amazing ideas and advice!!!!!(:

Last edited by Katie Garvey; 04/29/11 09:54 PM.

"A life without animal's would be a sad one"
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