Ok all 7 birds come on the perch ( sort of ). They're scared of my hand but they let me put seeds on my finger and offer it to them. Here let me tell you the longer way.. Ok when its their free play time i put sorry pieces, a food bowl, a water bowl, a straw, and a clean pen cap in their play pen which is about 6 feet wide and 6 feet long the top of it is open so they fly out whenever they want. 2 of my birds will never let me command them to come on the perch but what happens is this : When its tim eto go back to the cage i take the perch and put as many as 2 birds at a on it and put them in their cage. But what happened today was that when ti was time for them to go back i walked into the room, perch in hand then suddenly 4 birds flew onto the perch. I got scared because i thought they were flying at me. the perch wasn't that long so one of the birds had to stand on another bird's back to take the ride to the cage LOL! So whats wrong here is that they dotn get on the perch on MY command but when they want to. Once or twice one even flew on my arm while i was cleaning their cage. Probably forgot i was a monster.They do things when they want to.they step on the perch when they want to they come on me when they want to!Im stuck. Their cage is downstairs from their free time area. What I'm really proud of is that the new birds, when I opened the cage already knew the way to their free play area and they flew there. But i had to to take my older birds there with my perch. What step in taming am i on now? What do i do now? ( Oh and btw 2 of the birds let me touch their feet but nothing else ).

I'll miss you guys