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Animal Abuse in the Family #379448 08/10/09 06:22 PM
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I just found out that my Dad last night screamed at my dog Benji, struck him, and threw him. Of course, no one in the family is willing to call and report my Dad except for me. I'm so freaking ticked off right now, my mom is telling me if I call 'I'll have consequences' and was telling me you'd better not call.

I don't understand. Why don't they get it? This is animal abuse, and I just found out like 2 minutes ago its happened in the past with him too. I've always known he was freaking screwed up... a gambling addict, and other things I won't mention, but animal abuse? I won't hold my words any longer. I'm going to call the MPSCA. I've got their Law Enforcement thing number written down.

The only problem is... I didn't witness it. My dad won't admit it, and my brother is the one who saw it and might not tell the truth to the people who investigate. Secondly, I don't know my dad's address, and I doubt anyone will tell me now that they know I'm going to call... They would need his address right? (my parents are divorced)

This is mostly a rant just so I can get it out, although I welcome any advice.

UGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! mad mad mad mad mad

Re: Animal Abuse in the Family [Re: ___JA] #379454 08/10/09 07:13 PM
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That is really difficult! Parents are their own and just like us make mistakes and accidently hurt people. I am not sure if your complaint would be valid, the whole "my brother said..." ALSO thats alot of on the spot pressure to put your brother in. He must decide to tell the truth. Do not be upset with your brother if he has a conflict of a decision with you. Its what he thought was best. When it comes to parents and the Loyalty that we feel to them, its hard to do the legal thing. May i ask what age is your brother?

I was in a difficult situation a few years back with my parents. I had a huge legal/moral fight with them. I told them how i felt. I can call cops and leave with them forever, or they can do the right thing. I AM happy they decided on the right thing. It was the hardest thing i have ever said to them, and i was terrified they would make me make that call.

BUT do not think if it as "i ruined this situation, i called the people who started this" think of it as "HIS BEHAVIOR made me do the right thing!" Do what your body deep down tells you! You may not be happy with your self if you decided to go against your body.

New pics soon smile
Re: Animal Abuse in the Family [Re: ___JA] #379456 08/10/09 07:16 PM
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Aw jeez, Justin!! What a weird situation. I really have no advise for you. I'm not understanding. They are divorced but is he living in the same house with you and your pets? Or do you live with him? Wow. If I were you (till you figure out what to do), I'd keep my pets with me all the time. In my room. That little Bengi looks like a small dog, and I'd hate for him to injure him! Can you talk to your Dad? Also, be prepared for the fact that they might remove the pet or pets from the place where they're getting abused! Good luck hon. What a hard thing for you and Bengi to have to go through.

Dinah, Tweetymom

RIP precious Merlin
RIP Tweetylove
Rest with Merlin
Re: Animal Abuse in the Family [Re: tweetymom] #379458 08/10/09 07:42 PM
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Thank you Kawaii... You're right, the whole 'my brother said' thing they may not take me serious with, however he is 18 and technically an adult, so I'm not sure.
It is alot of pressure... Which is one reason why I think he won't tell the truth. I think he prolly wouldn't for two reasons; the pressure, and to protect my dad.
You can see my dilemma! Unless my brother steps up to the plate, I have no proof. Unless Benji has any marks of course... Which is a possibility. And theres also a possibility of internal damage, hes a small dog and I'm really really worried about him.

They are divorced but is he living in the same house with you and your pets? Or do you live with him?

Sorry, should have clarified. My mom sent Benji with my Dad and my brother for a little while(my brother's 18 and lives with my Dad now) and thats when this happened.

I could talk to my dad, and I already tried to, but he won't admit it. He keeps saying he didn't do anything, that all he did was yell at Benji.

There is a possibility of Benji being removed, but I think its very unlikely because he lives with my mom, sister and I and not with my Dad, he was only there for a little 'vacation' as my mom called it... However I don't know how in the world my mom could send him there with my dad's history. So then again, they might remove him because my mom sent him there in the first place. Is that enough of a reason?

Re: Animal Abuse in the Family [Re: ___JA] #379459 08/10/09 08:19 PM
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This is a hard situation to be honest. Has your mom told you what these "consequences" will be? It is hard for family members to see animals the way some of us do.

I know for a fact that my family thought I was a weirdo for loving animals so much and actually questioned how I would be as a parent when the time came since I seemed to put animals above people. Of course once I had my kids they are the most important.

And that's what is bothering me. Your mother should know what Benji means to you and how it would feel to you if he was hurt. And as a mother should put those feelings first and top priority.

I guess too however, she still has feelings for your dad and might see Benji as "just a dog". Either way, some serious talking needs to be done. If you can't get through to your dad or your mom, the best bet is your brother. You need to see if you can get him to understand that not speaking up for something that can't and allowing this is equivalent to him doing it himself.

That might work to get him to speak up.

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