I've had Batty for a little over 3 weeks, during that time she has never displayed any signs of illness.

I got home late last night and when I checked on the keets Batty, who is in her own cage, was puffed up and laying on the bottom of the cage. At first I just though she was just playing around as she loves to be at the bottom of the cage, but after she didn't move when I opened the door I realized something was wrong. I immediately got two heat lamps and put her cage under them and within the hour she was acting like her normal self, I attributed her behavior to a draft I had felt earlier and assumed she just got too cold (The cage has since been moved).

This morning Batty was acting compeltely normal and I even came to check on her at lunch today and she was fine then as well. Yet, when I came home from work she was back on the bottom of the cage, obviously not well. I immediately grabbed the heat lamps and within 20 minutes she was crawling all over the cage. Then I opened the cage door and Batty immediately jumped out and down to the floor and starting going after millet that had fallen out of the cage. She attacked it ravenously as if I starve her!

I put her back into her cage and offered her seed and she didn't want anything to do with it. So I grabbed some millet and she attacked it before I even had a chance to put it down, she ate the entire sprig.

Now that she had a millet meal she is back to her normal self, though I'm still keeping a heating lamp on her until I'm sure she is well.

Anyone experienced this before? Any sugguestions?