I wake up at midnight by a frightening dream, I couldn't go back to sleep till 7am.

Upon sleeping I had a comfortable dream, but it confuses me to this very minute. My dreams will sometimes be either stupid, crazy, or have meaning. I don't know if this one has meaning, but it sure seemed like it.

I was in a building with some of my church friends. it appeared to be a mall like structure. While in there, I was either fixing up a graduation gown, or taking it off. Something I never thought I would dream about, but ok. When I look beside me, I see this girl. It's a girl from my church, a girl I have already asked out, and she turned me down. Oddly enough she was putting one on. After that was some pretty weird things, then we meet up in this room. We were smiling at each other,and then, while we were sitting, we blew each other a kiss and caught the others. I woke up with a feeling that i still like her. In which i do. This girl is more beautiful and gorgeous than mother nature herself. This girl, I would love to have her as my own. I will continue about the girl in the Dating thread.

Lee Willam Huntley IV
DJ Jah Man
Love one another, and God