This is a from good friend of mine whom I trust with her enormous wealth of knowledge on parrots I'd like you all to know about...She grooms and boards too!

This Saturday from 9 AM-1 PM there will also be a pet adoption event at the Yorba Linda Farmers Market sponsored by the Yorba Linda Vet Hospital and Lily Sanctuary will also be represented there to get the word out about us. Please come say hi and tell all your parrot friends as well! Thanx!

Sue Bendheim
Lily Sanctuary Adoption Coordinator

This is a bird sanctuary that operates out of Fountain Valley and is a great place to support. They have all sorts of birds from budgies to Macaws and so on.

Never forget:
Leaf - 11/5/07
Louie - 1/25/08
Bill - 4/16/08
Papeete - 4/21/08