We have other threrads opn political correctness, but this is to discuss freedom of speech in this context. [quote=Joe Bloggs]....I do think .. that there is too much pressure in society in general nowadays to 'watch what we say'.....to some degree we are all becoming self-censoring, and isolated from each other, maybe sharing the same opinions but being afraid to express them. Maybe it's just me getting paranoid in my old age. But society just feels less free, now, somehow. Call it PC, or call it social conditioning. Or call me nuts. I just don't remember it being like this when I was a young un. [/quote] [quote=PDM]I do agree with that Joe. [/quote] [quote=blr]Joe As I think about what you wrote I have come to a very strange conclusion. Yes I used to feel much freer to state my opinion and voice my disapproval of a lot of things. i.e. using the ā€œNā€ word, littering, corporal punishment for children, name calling of any kind, putting parents in nursing homes, using the word shut up, you name it I had an opinion. I was outspoken, opinionated and probably very irritation (still am). The irony is that now society is shutting people up with the same tactics that I used and I find it uncomfortable. The older I get the less I know and the slower I am to pontificate.[/quote] [quote=Joe Bloggs]Exactly. .... it demonstrates how 'public opinion' is manipulated....by effectively discouraging people from dissenting, they are able to claim a 'consensus' in favour of their policies. [/quote] Quoted from: http://www.wineintro.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=285569#Post285569

"The secret of success is constancy to purpose" - Benjamin Disraeli.