From The Times ~ April 4, 2008
Mugabe unleashes thugs in Harare in final bid to stay in power
'Robert Mugabe unleashed his most-feared thugs on the streets of the Zimbabwean capital today in a very public show of force as his party's leadership united to back a last-ditch bid for him to stay in power.'

By Catherine Philp in Harare
From The Times ~ April 5, 2008
Did we put a tyrant in power?
The former Foreign Secretary remembers how Mugabe became president of Zimbabwe

'If you want to understand this week's events in Zimbabwe, a little history might be helpful. For it demonstrates how the responsibility for what has happened in that country over the past two decades lies firmly with Robert Mugabe and the decisions he has made.'
'The past terrible few years raise questions about how President Mugabe came to power. Was the Lancaster House agreement - which brought an end to the civil war in Zimbabwe and allowed for the victory of Mugabe - a mistake? I am convinced that it was not.'

By Peter Carrington

Lord Carrington was Foreign Secretary, 1979-82, and chaired the Lancaster House conference

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