There is no doubt in my own mind that we ~ the human race ~ are polluting the planet ~ and maybe causing global warming at the same time.

There is waste plastic ~ from bags & bottles to miniscule particles ~ in every part of the earth. The air is full of filth and rain is acidic.

We are cutting down the rainforests and making animals extinct.

I believe that there are too many people on this earth.

The problem is that we love people as individuals, but people as huge population groups are damaging the only home that we 'people' have.

We are the people and we, the people, are wrecking our planet. Perhaps we need a single group of knowledgeable people to 'steer' us in the right direction.

The 'Endgame' video here indicates that some evil 'new world order' is planning to cut the world population, but is this really an evil idea?

Every year, July 11 marks World Population Day and highlights the fact that unless we can give more people reproductive rights and stabilise the world's population - currently increasing at the rate of one billion people every 11 years - we face dire consequences.
Population Concern estimates that 120 million to 150 million women who want to limit or space their pregnancies are still without the means to do so effectively. Giving women the ability to do this not only helps to stabilise population growth, but it also means that both mother and offspring are likely to be healthier.

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"The secret of success is constancy to purpose" - Benjamin Disraeli.