watch this video!!

to cut a long story short, sokharno kicked out the dutch colonialists on a nationalist agenda, got booted out by soharto with the help of the cia and uk goverment. soharto proceeded to sell the country out to his cronies and the western corporations whilst the bosses of these corporations designed the indonesian constitution from the ground up to operate in their favour. now over 1,000,000 people have been slaughtered with the blessing of the west (the cia supplied an assasination list of 5,000 names, while soharto was shaking hands with queen liz), nike and gap are making 10,000% profits on the measely wages they pay the local kids, and indonesia which is one of the most resource rich countries in the world is dying of poverty.

essential watching for anyone who doubts that the middle east situation is about securing the interests of western corporations.

It's All got to go!!!

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