I can't speak for other countries but in the last 2 or 3 decades the number of cases of people disappearing under supicious circumstances have risen frighingly in Ireland. Not a day goes by when you don't hear of another person missing presumed dead.

My own family has been touched by such an event. In 1986 a 13 year old schoolboy was snatched from a busy main street in Rathfarnham , Dublin while walking back to school after lunch.His name was Philip Cairns and his father was my Grandads cousin. Philip was never found but eerily his backpack turned up a week later in laneway missing some books. This was at 1pm and the road was known for its traffic. And yet no-one saw anything. Thats frightening to think of.


Recently a book was published on this and other cases including Irelands longest term missing child, Mary Boyle who vanished froma remote area of Donegal not far from her home when she was 6 just minutes after following her uncle through the bog for a walk and Irelands missing women, 6 names which send a chill up the spine Annie McCarrick ( an american woman who had returned here to see if she could settle), Jo-Jo Dullard ( a 21 year old who'd already lost her parents and was raised by her sisters), Fiona Pender ( a model who had already lost a brother to motor bike accident but was 7 months pregnant), Ciara Breen ( only 17 and recently come out of a troubled period with a bad crowd), Dierdre Jacob ( vanished yards from her front gate )and Fiona Sinott ( a 19 year old Mum of one). Most frightenly of all there is a general concessenus that Jo-Jo, Annie, and Dierdre may have been the victims of serial killer as they all disappeared within a small area and short period of time. Fiona Pender and Philip are felt to have known their killers as Philip went from the side of road in broad daylight with no struggle and Fiona vanished from her home. Ciara's mother believes she knows who killed her daughter, an older with whom Ciara had a realtionship. And these are only the most famous ( I use the word with caution) there many 100s of others


How is it that people can just vanish in broad daylight and no-one sees anything. Its frightening to think that there nay still be murderers in our midst walking free while those poor women and children undiscovered in a cold lonely grave somewhere. Or there are people out there who know things but are afraid to speak up.
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Princesse Sophie

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