Actually, the title should read "Lovebirds breeding!"

I've been a member here for a very long time... goodness. Its been quite awhile...

I have 4 keets, 1 cockatiel, and 2 lovebirds (those are the birds alone!!). My lovebirds I got with a cage from a friend of an adult friend. They could not take care of them anymore. Rather than having to see the pair go to a shelter and/or "let loose" (As the previous owner was considering) I took the lovies in.

Pirate (the male) and Starburst (female) mated yesterday, about 2PM. I'm almost positive there was contact, they were doing their 'dance' for a good minute or so. I can expect eggs (fertile or otherwise) in about 3-10 days.

My main question is wondering if I may move the pair to a different (bigger/better) cage. Will the female still lay? Their nest isn't really a nestbox, but rather a clear container. It held their old seed that I got from their previous owner. If I move the box and the lovebirds into a different cage, will this throw the pair into shock? (By their personalities, I don't think the birds would know a differnce, quite frankly.)

Please answer quickly. If possible, I'd like to move them today.

Thanks a ton,

Its a zoo!

4 keets, 1 tiel, 2 lovies, 2 roosters, 1 hen, 1 guinea hen, 2 dogs, 3 cats, 1 ferret, 3 rabbits, and ... a squirrel??

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