Sky birdie mama (that's what I call her. lol) has decided to get on my finger without being bribed with millet!!! lol I have been home the last 3 days and I know I will sound like a nut but I think the time around her... even if I am not playing with her all of the time has made a big difference. The other night I was on my bed watching a movie and all of a sudden I hear her chirping and warbling in her cage and I turn to look at her and she is sitting on top of her cuttlebone/mineral block looking right at me as if to say... please play with me!!! Just seems like she enjoys having me around these past few days.
So this morning I decided to put my hand in the cage and hold my finger up to her (the way I usually do when I have millet) and she what she would do.. she looked at it.. unsure at first and then decided to be brave and hopped on! she tried to nibble a little but I told her no.. and she stopped.. which was odd... maybe she sees me telling the dog no and understands?? it's a stretch.. I know... but just thought I would share that with ya. laugh

When you come over, don't forget a pillow. Just in case... "the SKY is falling! the SKY is falling!"