Before asking questions on the forum, it is worth looking back over other posts.
You may find your answers there and it could prevent repetitive posts.

Lisa has provided many pages of information for owners of budgies / keets.
Please take a look there first, if you haven’t already.

Lisa’s budgerigar / parakeet pages:

‘Questions and Answers on Parakeet - Budgie – Keet’
can be found here:

‘How to Buy, Raise and Train a Parakeet - Budgie – Keet’
can be found here:

And there are many other categories, which can be accessed via the above pages:

Parakeet Information
Budgie FAQ
Questions and Answers
A History of Budgies
Budgie Color Choices
Parakeet Sounds and Vocalizations
Pictures, Videos and Clip Art

Types of Parakeets
Standard vs English Budgie
Monk Parakeet / Quaker Parakeet
Rose-Ringed Parakeet
Carolina Parakeet - Extinct
Names for Parakeets

Getting Started
Buying a New Parakeet
Parakeet Store Reviews
Caring for a New Parakeet
Parakeet Safety Tips
Parakeet and Budgie Cages
Parakeet Food, Water and Recipes
Poisonous Foods and Plants to Avoid
Cuttlebones and Parakeets
Grit and Parakeets

Training your Parakeet
Hand Training a Parakeet
Biting Problems
Teaching a Parakeet to Talk
Interacting with your Parakeet
Parakeet Care
Keeping a Parakeet Journal
Parakeet Wings, Claws and Beaks
Keeping a Clean Bird
A Preening Parakeet
How Parakeets Sleep
Getting your Second Bird
Parakeet Courtship and Fighting
Parakeet Breeding
If your Parakeet Escapes
Parakeets, Wild Birds and Mirrors
Travel with a Budgie
An Older Parakeet
Parakeet Health and Medical Information

Parakeet Toys and Fun
Safe Parakeet Toys
Making Your Own Parakeet Toys
LisaShea Handmade Parakeet Toys
Building a Parakeet Playgym

Fun Parakeet Related Stuff
Parakeet Lover Tshirts & Stuff
Do Parakeets Glow in the Dark?
Parakeets in Movies
Funny Parakeet Stories and Tales
Yellow Parakeet Cocktail Recipe
Beautiful Parakeet Posters
Parakeet Links
Parakeet Jokes / Riddles

Also, there is relevant info on ‘Bellaonline':

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