Gems training has been going extremely well. She gets on my hand pretty much everytime I say "Gemini up". She is skittish when I move quickly, as I imagine anything as small as she would be and something as big as me coming at her.

She has this new thing about coming out of her cage and trying to find Skye and Chance - as they call her all the time but are in seperate rooms. I do not want to put them together because Chance is losing his feathers and if he is sick, I do not want Gemini to get it.
Anway, she cries at me when I get home from work *about 6p.m.* and I leave her cage door open and let her roam around my room. I do not have a playgym for her yet, but hoping to build one within the next few weeks. *I have a large amount of bills due this week, so cannot build it as soon as possible, even though I would like to*

All is going well this week, I just hope she doesnt regress and we have to do the training all over again, especially since I am moving her to a new cage for a week.

My wonderful children - Albie, Gemini and Sox.

"Live everyday as if it were your last, because one of these days, it will be"