It is claimed by a reliable source, that Nazi war criminal, Dr.Josef Mengele, has an illigitimate daughter, who was born in early 1961 to an Australian woman of German ancestry. Who had been in Paraguay. Staying in a German colony there with her mother and brother, in mid-1960. It is believed the mother of the child was unaware, at the time, of who the child’s father was. But that her mother (now deceased), referred to as “A” in some articles, was well and truly aware and indeed had friends or relatives in that colony. The mother discovered the horrific truth in the mid-70’s, according to the source, believed to be a close relative and confidente of the child’s mother, until recently. The mother who is referred to as “V”.

The child was adopted out and was born in Australia.

According to the source. The child tracked her birth mother down in the early ’90’s. The mother “freaked”. She acknowledged that she was indeed her mother but didn’t want to meet her, but gave her some information regarding her background. But nothing was published as to exactly what. The girl/woman probably is unaware of who her father is(?)

The child had enclosed a few snapshots. One being a close-up of herself and the second, of her 2 children; A baby girl and a toddler son. The mother was quoted as commenting on how the child had an “eerie and uncanny” resemblence to Josef Mengele. That she had “hauntingly beautiful blue eyes”. But what affected the mother more was that both Mengele and his daughter had a mole on the left side of their faces, in almost an identical position. The child had blonde hair, whereas Mengele’s was darker. Otherwise, apparently she was said to have a very strong resemblence to her infamous father.

If that woman, who was referred to as “J” put all the pieces together. It would probably be enough to get her thinking, as there’s the issue of a private adoption, and certain conditions we involved. One being their race! Another, I believe, was religion. Mengele’s parents were strict Catholics.

They stated the child was 4 weeks premature. Apparently Mengele referred to her as “his early birthday present” or “another early birthday present”. This makes sense. Mengele’s birthdate is March 16. His son Rolf’s is March 11. Therefore it would be fair, to my way of thinking, to assume his daughter was born between March 1 and March 15 1961. There was other information too, and to be honest. The whole thing has me really thinking. What would you do if you found out your father was one of the 'so called', most hated men in history?

I’d be interested in any feedback. It’s an issue, I have never thought about before, but there must be many children out there whose father, or less likely, mother is an almost universal hated figure. And they are unaware of it. The law of averages says some MUST discover the truth. What a nightmare! If the pieces are put together from the things I have read on various Jewish, Nazi and non-Jewish forum sites etc. Since the child knew enough to trace her birth mother. I think she would well and truelly have enough information to really wonder whether it could be her they are talking about. In other words, she could trace herself!

There is a poll about Mengele’s daughter at

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UPDATE: It appears the mother has headed for the hills. According to several articles. She has flown the coup to the Barossa Valley in the state of South Australia. This area has a large German population.

I wonder if she intends telling her daughter the truth about her father before someone tracks her down..and they will. I would not like to hear something like that from the media or worse. - On some TV news show!

*Some information obtained from Wikipedia; Internet Encyclopaedia. eek