I know! It doesn't feel like I've had him for a year, either. The only thing that really shows how old he is is how bonded he is with me.

This morning I woke up at around 7 am with a splitting headache. I went to take something and go back to bed, even though I didn't turn any lights on Cosmo was clinging to the cage watching me with I came back (at the very bottom, where the blanket doesn't reach). So I pulled up the blanket and whispered "go to sleep, go to sleep cosmo" a few times. I figured I'd need to put him back up top myself as usual, because when he gets up like that he always sits there watching me even after I lay down, but he started slowly climbing back up to his sleeping perch while chirping quietly at me. He would stop and look back at me since I was pulling the blanket down too. He would stop and stay still if I stopped saying go to sleep. But he went up there and went to sleep.

R.I.P Elkie
Nov. 04 - Jul. 05
Your life was short lived but I hope you were very happy.