Even with the door closed, its still dangerous to use your straightner cause of the Vent system, it will flow the heated tedflon throughout the house!! Plus even when you open your door all the stored teflon stuff will be released from the bathroom!! I mean c'mon all hair straightners are gonna be harsh on your hair! So why not get a keet safe one and then maybe a hair product thats specially meant for using heat like a blow dryer or straightner! I know that Tresemmme (spelling?) makes Heat Formulated spray now to help protect your hair! So try that!! =)

with the household products, well anything with a strong scent is most deffinatly out of the question! Remember keets sense of smell is a lot more sensitive then ours!! I highy reccommend staying away from products like 409, Glass Cleaner, Fantastic, etc. If your unsure look at the packaging and see if it is animal safe or not! If your looking to the cleant he room that your keet is in and want to use those kind of products, remove the keets cage completly and then wait for the room to air out before putting the keets back!

I simply use Wet Ones wipes to clean the bottom of their cage and then go to the bathroom and rinse it all off in pretty warm water! Dry and then set back!! You only need that or use mild non-toxic soap and water! Strong cleaners are not needed to clean a keets cage =)

hope I've helped and I apologize for any awful spelling mistakes!!!

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