Yeah as Cristina said almost all of them can be deadly, the problem is when you can smell them, that means they are going to be hard on your birds. We try to avoid any air fresheners, carpets cleaners, amonia(sp), bleach, and so on. Most of the time we try to use white vinegar to clean, it cleans pretty well and it is safe. Also don't use candles, or like you said teflon. It's tough sometimes because you must change a lot of what you use but I think it is very worth it for my babies, I don't like even using stuff like pledge or glass cleaner anywhere near them, if by chance I must use something I think could be harmful, I move the birds into a room close the door and put a towel down at the bottom of the door, also I open the house and turn on fans to air out the smell, and I won't bring them back in until there is no smell at all. And I will never use any of those things on stuff that the birds might climb on or stand on. ANyways I am a nut about that kind of stuff, but I think it pays to be. Best wishes. Jloc

Frodo, Sam Wise, Shelby, and Scooter