I agree that it's lucky that she'll jump on your finger. My roommate and I have about 1 month baby budgies that we need to train now. I've been taking them in an unused room in my house and trying to finger train them while talking, whistling, or singing to them. We had been taking them outside and cuddling them but found out the hard way that could already fly (hadn't seem them even get out of the brood box before). Luckily we caught them and now go into the contained area. Today I got one on my finger inside the cage. Any other suggestions on what to do to get them more tame? Many years ago I had one that would squawk to me when I got home from school and then fly all around to get some exercise but then come and land on me. It would climb all over me and was lots of fun. This time I've got the three babies to tame but I think it's too late for the parents to be tamed.