Hello! grin
I am a beginner trainer and I have two budgies. I have had them for about a month or so. My dad bought them and my parents do not want them to be in separate cages, so I have to keep them in one cage. (They think I do not need to have them in separate cages) Its big enough for the both of them, they get along well. They eat and preen each other whenever I'm near their cage so I think they are comfortable around me. I have recently started training them, putting my hand in, trying to hand feed them, etc.

The problem with their training is that, they go on my hand, go near it whenever I have millet in my hand. They eat (I have one boy [Rain] and one girl [Lemon]) and Lemon even stands on my hand! They nibble at my hand but Lemon bites extremely hard (but not to the point where it draws blood but to the point where my hand wants to get out of the cage). But when I do not have millet or treats, they look at my hand in fear, like they have never seen my hand before. It's confusing me. I would have thought the millet would have helped them get used to my hand but they just run. They only go on my hand when I have treats.

Please give me advice on how to train two budgies in one cage! Or any advice or feedback on what I am doing wrong!

Thank you! smile confused