So my parakeet is about 2 years old and he still hates to come out of his cage. He will sit on my fingers if he is in his cage and he will sometimes sit on my shoulder, but overall it is very difficult to get him out. I have tried everything and have done loads of research even before I had him. I used countless of the training techniques proposed by budgie fanatics. I don't know what I have done wrong. I am a quiet person and am very busy but I always try my best to make sure he is properly cared for. I have developed countless great relationships with other animals (cats, dogs, rodents) but I have never cared for a bird before. My parakeet bites, doesn't like my hands, hates coming out of his cage, and is a major seed junkie- he won't even touch fruits and veggies even though I have offered them in every way imaginable. I am so worried that he won't live a long and healthy life or that he is lonely- even though is generally cheerful and chirpy. Is any of this normal?