Okay, maybe I shouldve been more clear. First of all i want you to know that i thought long and hard about what you said and appreciate your opinion. She didnt know much about it i think she thought it was a big bird or something but then i let her know that i was willing to give it away if it became a problem, and that i wouldnt bring it with me at all if she was really against the idea. then she said it wouldnt be a problem and said we can give it a try. I know what you mean though. I want to respect her space too. We are all paying money to live there and if she was nt okay with it i wouldnt bring it. She was just so quick to judge without knowing anything about it. Also it is a 3-bedroom apartment and so we have one more roommate and that girl is very accepting of me having a bird since she loves animals. i dont want to sacrifice everything ive done for my bird (and bought!) and dont want to give him away without giving this a try at least.
I will definitely keep in mind what you said about being consistent with training.
I was actually trying out the methods on the lisashea website, the 5 steps, and he was stepping on the perch but it seemed to be going no where after that step.
Beaker looks a lot like your bird Cappy smile Hes the same exact color pretty much!

Beaker is a little old though are you saying it will be very difficult to train him even if hes alone?

Also how would you suggest i go about separating them? right now the cages are in front of each other and i have 5 days till i will need to take one with me. i dont want their hearts to be broken if i separate them all of the sudden. do you think it will be okay?