They dont get along like they used to. One is older than the other. The peck at each other constantly and cause each other to fall off the perch. They get very territorial and I tried putting more than one feeding area for them but it hasnt helped much. I am in the process of taming them but its very difficult. The older one now stands on my hand when I feed him and the younger one stood on my finger once when i offered him millet. It took a lot of patience. I think they are used to me and arent that scared of me. They still arent tame though. I really think it would be a good idea to separate them so I got another cage and put that cage right in front of the old cage so that they went and explored it. The younger one kept going back and forth between both cages. Finally I shut the door so now they are in separate cages. They chirp to one another. When i put the cages side by side they both went to the walls of the cage and tried to get to one another. I felt so sad so i put them in frnt of each other again. Any advice, insight, or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Also I am going to college in 5 days and want to take one of them with me even though pets arent allowed. My roommate whom ive never met before does not like the idea of me keeping a bird so I told her i will be keeping it in my room. Do you think it will be loud if i keep my door shut?

Thank you so much