I got her from a pet store so her wings have been clipped but they are growing in a little now. I feel bad because I thought maybe if I could show her my hand was a safe perch it would be ok. I tried a perch at first and she just runs from it.She has come out on her own before when I started playing budgie chirping videos to coax her out (maybe not the best method but then again this is my first time owning/training a parakeet) She has gotten out before I usually try to take her cage close to her and most of the time she will go right back in. I have had to grab her once before but that was when I first got her 4 months ago she got out and was going wild around the house I was worried about her safety. I feel pretty positive it is a female most of the bars are gone off her head and her cere is pink. The vet also confirmed the sex. Today I placed my hand in the cage with some food and she walked up on my hand for a second and ate a seed or two before flying off so I'm guessing I the bond hasn't totally been destroyed and she will allow me to pet her stomach every now and then.