I have had my female parakeet for 4 months now.
I have a question recently I have gotten squiggles to get on my finger when I take her into another room cover her cage (If I don't she flies to it and stays) so its just me and her. She runs a little at first and then gets on my fingers if I'm persistent. But she won't step up when she is in her cage but will let me stroke her and pet her when she is tired and every now and then. Also when if I put my hand in the cage and she moves away I take it out and she comes back and once she is on my finger in the bathroom she stays and allows me to move her around. Could I say she is tame and bonded with me? (In order to get her out of her cage I play videos for her) When I interact with her sometimes She puffs up and shakes her body and makes a sound that seems like a sneeze is this bad?