Sad news - Ivory the parakeet age 11 passed away today from fluid buildup. Just one week ago she was singing and happy. Parakeets are sensitive creatures, it's important to take any sign of ailment seriously. Here is the video from a week ago.

Ivory - June 20 2013

This then is the video I took of her right before we brought her to the vet, earlier this afternoon. I'm not sure if you can hear it, but she makes a soft "eeep" noise with each breath, that shows she is in distress. She was fine until yesterday, when she had difficulties flying across the room. We watched her closely and when she was breathing like this today we immediately got her in to the vet. Sadly, she passed away while they were doing her xrays.

Ivory - June 27 2013

Tufts is doing a post-mortem on Ivory and I will post those results as well as the xrays when I receive them.

I am sad - Ivory lived in my home office. I work in here all day every day. So she was my constant companion and would sing with me and fly over to me.

Lisa Shea, Owner