Sometimes it feels like I can't take a breath any more. But the end is in sight. I'm in my very last semester of my Bachelor's Degree program. I left high school in 1986!! So this has been a long, long time coming.

It has been a TON of work to take a full course load along with everything else I do. It's stressed my time to the very limits. But I also think it's been well worth it.

This first half of spring, I have two courses. One is digital photography and one is consumer behavior. I'm enjoying both immensely. I will post some of the photos in another thread.

Then the second half - starting May 20th - is just one class, Internet Marketing. I definitely need that class.

And then I'm done! I graduate! Hurrah!!!

I will have SO much time back into my schedule, it will be an enormous blessing. I spend hours a day on the classes right now. It pushes away everything else I also want to do.

Lisa Shea, Owner