Hey Tanaka! Good to see you back.
Popo Chan looks much better! Yay! Wow..it's been a long time getting there huh? I'm really happy she's doing so well.

As for her feather condition and the Nekton Bio....I'm a fan of the Nekton vitamins too, they're a great product.
If you don't mind my asking, how much protein is in the Bio?
I know too much protein on a regular basis is not good for them...higher protein during molts YES definitely...but for a long period of time? I'm not so sure it's a good idea to give it to her for looong stretches even if it is good for feather growth.
Maybe check with your avian vet if the protein level is very high.

How about Vit A sources? Is she getting plenty of vit A? Like sweet potatoes, carrots...crushed red pepper? Vit A is important for healthy feathers too.

Anyway, great to see ya. Thanks for the update. Been wondering how things worked out.

You tell Popo Chan she's still a hot chick..with or without the sexy lil wattle thing smile

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