before spending too much money on incidentals put that money you would spend on other things into buying a good size cage...and those cutting boards have more than one in a package...they are very thin an very bendable not the hard counter top ones..

the fabric on the platform sells separate from the platform itself...but like i said the single most important thing to get right now is good size cages...the rest can come later...this is part of what you need to learn about...let the rest come as you go...then once you get the proper housing we can talk turkey errrrrrrrm keets after that for the other things laugh

you would easily spend at least $20 on perches and swing and toys and food cups etc etc that would make a big difference in the size of the cage...thats the single most important investment to make is the cage


do it right the first time and your house wont end up looking like a bird cage store which many of us have gone thru myself included...

and for sure if this is a tough one for you to come up with money for this BEST START SAVING seriously...for other things...these birds are not cheap with all they NEED...and breeding would be out of the question if you dont have the time money and space...they need A LOT for that

do you see how tiny my bird looks in his cage ...thats a HAGEN VISION MODEL M02...and with all the toys etc it needs to be that big lol here is a full size pic of it...find the birdie lol

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