Hello - and thank you for the question.

Since the submitted presentation and supporting materials are what I consider still too unrefined to attempt to get it published, I chose the physical-copy arrangement (pursuant to discussion with a representative of the agency). What came out of that discussion was the thought advanced by the agent that the physical-copy arrangement vs the electronic might make the progression towards a finalized form easier to accomplish as individual parts were redacted, augmented with additional supporting materials, and/or other changes which could be done as addendums to the initial submission. I hope it works that way.

So - a rather long response to your brief question - but I hope in doing so it provides insight as to why I chose the "old fashioned" way with a physical copy versus the faster electronic submission process.

Finally (and specific to your site) - all the continued improvements to the site over the few years I have enjoyed reading here and contributing in a small way has always been and continues to be admired for how prolific it is and how well it "runs". I have always been very happy I "found it". Participation has been a lot of fun (plus "making the acquaintence of your "True Blue Soulmate", PDM, has also been a pleasure).

Thanks for all the work you put into this site and its forums.

...and Grrr82CU smile

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