Hello friend PDM smile

I have moved to another state and am digging through everything wanting to reassemble all the materials I had collected for this project and then try to "get my head into where I was" when I was writing all of this way back when.

I'm a little surprised at the interest this still generates. I wish the distracting and unrelated-to-the topic exchanges with the multiple-personalitied "Nanango" weren't mixed in with my installments relative to the title of the thread. For the first time visitor, having to plow through all my exchanges with "Nanango" which were totally unrelated to the topic of "Leonardo's Painting - A Fatal Flaw?" must make it difficult to follow the sequencing and progression through the complex material I have tried to pull together to expand on this subject.

You no doubt remember "Nanango" wherein you and I became aware that more than one person was posting under that user name because of the back and forth "stylistic differences" between posts. I believe you ultimately determined he/they were all part of that group "researching" Leonardo's use of "hidden images underneath his painting of The Last Supper which they believed using X-Ray and other imaging equipment was supposedly going to reveal. I never saw any coverage of their "discoveries" so....

Anyway, I'm sure you remember that it gradually became apparent to both of us that he/they were never interested in the underlying topic of this thread - only in promoting their own agenda. I also remember that at the same time he/they were posting their exchanges with me in this thread they were also inserting the same material throughout the DaVinci forum into other's titles as well.

In any case, I know you admonished them to post responses pursuant to the topic of the thread (and they kind of faded quitely away) but I still wish all those unrelated exchanges were not mixed in. As noted above, it must make trying to follow the progression of various stages of the information (specific to "Leonardo's Painting - A Fatal Flaw") as it was developed and posted more difficult. Heck, it was difficult for me to stay on track having to break context in trying to be polite and respond to what they were insering!

So I wanted to reply to this last entry of yours (and thank you for the well wishes. Some progress to that end has been made). I'm hopefull that once all the dust from this move and medical stuff settles I can start working on this again to tie up all the loose ends and bring it to a conclusion.

Lot's to reassemble and perhaps even more challenging - get my head back into all the complexitis and "spread-all-across-the-landscape" underlying documentation that has been lying fallow all this intervening time.

Hope you are well and all things are good for you and our host Lisa.

Thanks For Visiting !!