[size:11pt][b] Hello everyone! :) Thank you for all your concern for my baby girl Popo Chan. She’s been given five doses of her antibiotic at this point & surprisingly, there is already some visual improvement. Not a lot. But it does look promising. :) I hope you’ll all be patient with me. It has become much harder for me to find free time these days to sit down at my computer for “play” rather than “work.” Now, I am commuting over 4 hours a day to & from work, so I am finding less and less time to “play” and do the things I like to do. :crazy: I basically leave home at 8:30am and get home at 10:30pm. It’s been pretty grueling work. I’m in the process of training Dango Chan to fix me a hot bath and prepare me a hot meal for when I get home at night (using non Teflon pans of course!). . . But the training has stalled at poop on my shoulder & seeds on the floor. Go figure. Maybe I can teach him to just crack me a beer & turn on the CD player. You think? ;) Anyhow, here’s a picture of the medicine Popo Chan is getting now. I thought it was pretty cute & wanted to share.[/b][/size] [img]http://i336.photobucket.com/albums/n337/Guregoreo/med01.jpg[/img] [size:11pt][b]She gets a couple of drops of this twice a day, although the vet made it look a lot easier to do than it is! The poor girl needs a gentle dabbing with a tissue when I’m through. She’s going to be a sticky little mess by the end of two weeks! :o Thanks again for everyone’s comments & advice![/b][/size] :grin:

Peace & Happiness