I remember you doing it last year jilly.
What do you do with them once they're weaned and all?
I think there should be a law as to how many cats you can own, or at the very least have to license them like dogs. Should have to be spayed or neutered also.
I have neighbors that have outdoor, basically feral, cats that just keep breeding and breeding and breeding. It's so sad because most of the time the kittens look so sickly with goopy eyes and all? Animal control doesn't do anything about it.
I'm not exactly a cat person but I do feel sorry for them.
What really ticks me is when they choose to use MY property as a litter box YUK or spray on my porch or grill cover or lawn furniture...wherever they darn well please! grrrrrrrosss
Leash law for cats???!! PLEEEASE!