Wow you poor see what i mean when i say these people aren't very bright? The sentence was about people who think its mean are not very bright. My birds are not afraid of me, but they dont always want to come out and have their nails clipped or whatever. Would it be better to just let their nails grow for eternity because they dont want me to clip them? NO...sometimes you have to grab them. And i dont mean snatch them up like a cat in a wild frenzy, i just mean pick them up and keep a hand cupped over them so they cant fly away. The ignorance some people show...This person has had their bird for YEARS and sometimes you need to grab them. Thats all im saying. I was just letting them know that they can leave the bird out and it will go back in the cage when it is ready, but i was also telling them a way to get them back in the cage if something comes up where you HAVE to get the bird immediately. It is not mean. Of course you should try not to do it if you can avoid it though, because some birds do get scared by it. The very fact that you guys cant understand one simple sentence should make you think twice about giving people like me, who have had birds for years and years advice. I read body language for all creatures, and grabbing my birds does not hurt them.