i haven't taken the time to properly hand train my flock, as its not easy with four birds...they let me touch them, but they tend to try and avoid me most of the time. Basically im in the same boat as you, but with four birds. I let mine out and they do return to the cage and go back inside...but if i have to put them back in their cage for some reason, i turn the light off and grab them (i can see them, they cant see me - i leave some form of light.) Some people might think this is mean or whatever, but they aren't very bright. Just don't squeeze the bird and if it starts flying, turn the light on quickly so they don't crash into anything.

Also, my bird Sauron used to be hand trained but he died, and the rest are attached to each other. Now my fourth bird is Angel and he is Sarah and Kenny's(penelope's name was changed) baby. Just thought i'd put it out there because my pic is outdated by a few years

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