I would be careful of the fountain...make sure there is no where little feet could get caught. You would thunk with it circulating water must go in thru something and circulate back and around? IDK And also what is it made of?

I think I have one of the tubs you talked about with the mirror at the bottom? Small and tub shaped? If that's what you have, then honestly they are no where near big enough for a keet to bathe in. They like to be able to dip in and stretch their wings in the water. I was clueless to that when I got the lil tubby. lol I now use it to put foot toys in and they love tossing the toys out of it.

My guys love a plastic sandwich container with greens in it for a tub. tried other things and that is what they decided they like. Crazy kids!
I do love the idea of a bigger tub like Jeanne uses. I keep forgetting to look for one when at Walmart or somewhere!

Oh, for a mister you can get a plain ole spray bottle..most have a mist setting on them. I get them at dollar store and they also have them at drugstores like Rite Aid..CVS..

Just keep offering bath and eventually one will cave in and go for it. The other will soon follow smile Maybe even try splashing the water with your fingers when they are watching and pretend it is soooooo much fun. Sometimes even flicking a little water from your fingers on them helps to give them the idea.

LOL @ Skittles on your head in the shower! Soo cute!