Okay, well, everyone has their opinion and i am sticking to mine. I believe she was out to get me from the moment i joined this forum. I do not care if any of you want to comment. There is a DIFFERENCE between being a critic and trying to help. I don't care if i was RANDOM with my OFFENSIVE comment either. I am a wonderful pet owner, I know lots about all types of animals and i am still learning about taking care of my bird, whom is doing very well, thank you. I actually have quite a few messages from people who 100% agree with me about illusive. Yes, your advice and suggestions are great, but no need to be smart all the time. Sympathy is nice once in a while. I don't care if you've known her for quite a while. NONE OF YOU know me as a person, so don't judge me. I am not a CHILD, unlike some people on here, I am an adult. I apologize if many of you are offended by my comment, but i am not everyone else. If i don't like someones comments, i will let you know about it. I have nothing else to say.

Katie: no need for :):):) thank ya GIRL.