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.... There is no lesson, mistakes happen, she is probably a mess right now, so i'm pretty sure your attitude is not needed......

I was basically just refering to illusive. When somebody is in *distress about their animals, i wouldn't want someone just replying "lesson learned." Just because everyone here bows down to her, thats fine. But, if i was upset and this happened to my bird, I wouldn't be asking for an attitude. ..... This is a forum, not a critic. .....

Hello kayyyla

As you say, this is a forum and, as such, people will respond to the posts.

I do not think that people were being unfriendly or critical of Laila; simply saying that life is a series of learning experiences and, for Laila, this 'mistake' was one of them. I am sure that we all wish her well and hope that her birds will return safely.

You say that it was Illusive Fantasy to whom you were referring, for replying with "lesson learned" ~ yet, unless I have read this wrong, it was not she who said "lesson learned." Please correct me if I am wrong.

This is how I read the responses.

Tessboss: 'Lesson learned for all of us ...the hard way.'

Illusive Fantasy: 'yep tess the lesson is NEVER leave a bird outside unattended for even one minute.'

KKsuns: 'The lesson is NEVER leave your bird outside unattended.'

Tessboss: 'For all those birdy lovers this is a lesson learned from a very heart broken bird lover and I am sorry she had this happen.'

Illusive Fantasy: 'there was no attitude whatsoever... but it is like also what tess said...its a wake up call to be diligent and it does become a lesson learned to never leave a bird unattended while its outside... nobody wants to see something like this happen and no harm was meant by anyone with what was expressed.'

KKsuns: 'There most certainly IS a lesson to be learned so why not say so? Others will learn the dos and don'ts of taking their birds outside....in other words lessons.'

Jessica Cole: 'Lesson learned, indeed. I can relate. like I said before, LESSON LEARNED, INDEED. Mistakes are lessons. We learn from them.'

Kayyyla ~ and everyone else ~ please, if you feel that anyone on this forum is displaying an unacceptable 'attitude', or if you feel that other members are supporting such an 'attitude', or if you see any rules being broken, then do click on 'notify', rather than taking the matter into your own hands, so that the moderators can check ~ and double-check ~ all of the facts. Thank you smile

Laila, if you feel that you have been treated unfairly, or over-critically, then please let the moderators know ~ I am sorry that your problem thread has descended into a certain amount of unpleasantness. smile

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