Laila - The weather sounds relatively good there. Since budgies are native to Australia, I don't think the temperature will bother them. If it rains and storms, it may cause problems. It is hard to tell what really happened, since you described the cage as lying on it's side awkwardly with the doors shut. I really hope they return. It's been a few days, but they may still be around. The recordings are a good idea. They love that! Please, keep us updated!

Lesson learned, indeed. I can relate. I don't think I was even on this forum when I had my first parakeet, Inochii. But, I always took him outside on my shoulder...loose! My sister took him outside for the last time one day while I was cleaning the cage. I completely gave her permission too. In the end, he flew off her shoulder, one of our cats jumped on him, and he died of either a heart attack or a broken neck. All in all, he's gone. His life was short and his death was tragic. In my opinion, BUILD AN OUTDOOR AVIARY! It's safer! And take time to build a SAFE outdoor aviary.

Kayyla - I, too, take offense to your accusations. Illusive has been a great help to me and many other people on this forum. She's been involved with birds for, I assume, many years. She helped me get information about getting a bigger bird and she's even given me wonderful recipes, which I've yet to make, but I do my best for now. In her defense, like I said before, LESSON LEARNED, INDEED. Mistakes are lessons. We learn from them. It is extremely jawdropping that you would say that we're all "Illusive worshippers" or whatever. We've all become friends here through our experiences. I'd like to be friends with you too, Kaayla. So, please swallow your pride, because no one is here to harm anybody in anyway.

Now, I'm exhausted, so...goodnight, everyone!