Kayla,birds are living creatures and NEED to be treated very carefully! I wouldnt even suggest that kids have birds! (i know your all going to yell at me but i know this because i have a lot of 2nd grade fans who always ask for help about bringing their birds for show and tell and stuff even when im strict about it, they'll either say ,"what? you said that? you didnt say that?" or something else, this is why illusive has to be strict to people who dont take care of birds properly, and in this case she wasnt even being strict! she was being helpful!). There are alot of kids (or curious adults) in this forum and thats why everyone tries to lend a hand to make them understand. Everyone has a different way of suggesting and teaching, XPR suggests in a manner of how humans relate to budgies or how budgies need to be treated correctly, kksuns takes it slow and nice and easy, illusive wants to make sure that people get the right information. You might think wrong about her since shes always correcting people but thats a very good thing! She always wants the best which is why she made her very own bird formula! Kayla be part of the group/team/whatever!

I'll miss you guys