Kayyla, I too am offended by your saying people bow down to illusive. That's bull
It's quite obvious that you have had it out for her from the get go. No matter WHAT she says you take offense and take it the wrong way. If you were to reread the thread it wasn't even ILLUSIVE who brought up a lesson being learned in the first place..but YOU attacked HER over it.
There most certainly IS a lesson to be learned so why not say so? Others will learn the dos and don'ts of taking their birds outside....in other words lessons.
We respect illusive's suggestions. We all, or MOST of us, respect EACH OTHER here. We learn from each other and share what we know.
If anyone needs to relax it's you.Chill out and stop thinking we(or mainly illusive) are being offensive with everything we say. The OP didn't have a problem so why should you?
geeez is right
Why so much drama? Why can't everyone just get along for cripes sake???