I agree, I don't think anyone really got a chance to even see this thread before it got buried. Keet owners should be aware of these things
Thanks Tanaka for sharing this!!
illusive brings up good points, again, regarding the use of the vegs and water after all that's been going on there Tanaka. Is it hard to get bottled water now? i imagine it is frown And I would just stay away from vegs all together for now.

Along with the Nekton Bio and full spectrum light for feathers you might also want to get something like Petamine breeding formula http://www.arcatapet.com/item.cfm?cat=774 or Abba eggfood mix(which I call the BOMB lol) https://www.birdsupplynh.com/catalog/pro...a5c758bf5fe4324
for added protein during molts and stress times. And since Popo Chan's feathers are obviously not healthy and I would think there is stress going on as well....it would be a good idea