rofl Picturing Popo Chan at the wheel and Dango Chan working the gas! hahahaha Later mom, be back by 10!

WOW Tanaka, that is such great news!!! Sounds like the vet knew what he was talking about..and for them BOTH to come to the same conclusion....
Good thing you ended up in that particular taxi huh? Thanks taxi driver man! lol
Even better there's a pet store there where you can get the Nekton and not have to order online and wait. Even your waiting til the weekend will probably be faster than ordering online.
I would go with the Nekton Bio specifically formulated for healthy feathers. And if you think about it, if one has a vitamin deficiency the other probably does too.
There is a thread here somewhere titled "Good Foods". You should check it mentions different things-seeds, grains, herbs and spices..dehydrated veggies.. you can get to add to their diet that are very good for them. Who knows..some of them you might already have right there in your own kitchen smile

I checked out your cage link. Looks good to me. I couldn't tell what the measurements are in inches tho? But stainless steel is fine. The price however O M G!!!!!!!

Gotta run for now. I'll check in later.
Don't be a stranger huh? Come back and keep us updated and just join in in general. You've been missed wink