[size:11pt][b] Jackpot. Bingo. And yippity-doo-dah. . .or something like that! :grin: Popo Chan & I went to vet number two (the one I mentioned before who was recommended to me by the taxi driver who took me & Popo Chan to the first vet). This second vet works with, among other animals, exotic pets & has extensive knowledge & past experience with budgies (sigh of relief! :) ). Not only that, but he studied toxicology in animals for 20 years & at that time worked as a chemist developing drugs/remedies for animals prior to opening his veterinary practice 10 years ago. :whistle: I asked him about possible heavy metal poisoning, Popo Chan’s foot/toes & any other possible health concerns he might have about Popo Chan. He examined her food first & asked about her consumption of fresh fruits or vegetables. He was also interested in her general disposition & character. He examined her poop :blush: & said it looked healthy. He then gave Popo Chan a good examination & finally said vitamin deficiency is the most probable cause of Popo Chan’s strange feather condition. I told him that was the same diagnosis as the first vet (I didn’t tell him what the previous vet had said about the feather condition until AFTER he gave me his diagnosis, however, I did show him the medicine for Popo’s healed eyelid and explained her previous trouble). He recommended Popo Chan begin taking a vitamin supplement, and that’s when I broke out the Nekton-S / Nekton-BIO printout I brought along :cool: . He said that either would be a good starting point for Popo Chan & was even able to direct me to a pet store which carries them! Popo will have to wait until next weekend when I’ll have the chance to go and pick some up for her. With the vitamins & coming full spectrum light treatment, I hope Popo Chan will get back to her old non-hairy self! :) OH! And Popo Chan even got a laminated ID card with her details & photo. . . Looks like a driver’s license! Good thing I don’t have a car or I might find it missing one day![/b][/size] :D

Peace & Happiness