ok i got pictures of then *** now i need a picture of your set up from a distance NOW...something newer as well and a close up please and its not one foot its the toes mostly...an yes kksuns i do have a sharp eye when im limited with internet on examining a situation to a sick bird...i cant do it in person and this is quite limiting...

tanaka will u go to private pm about all the questions i will be asking....???

what else is new...tanaka i forget to say things often an come back to edit you may in the future just want to double check on that issue with me

ok stainless steel should if high grade not show the signs of dullness and tarnish, that some of the area which is limited to what i can see does show...a good quality of stainless will always remain a polished look and so this from what i can see leaves a bit to be desired...and has more of the other metals in it that make up stainless steel. im on a different mindset track right now regarding a few things...so if we can go private it will be better

dang i wish lisa would fix these syntax errors that keep popping up in my face and shutting me down...its really annoying now.

Edited againnnn lol shup kk

tanaka get those dang perches made of wood and screwed onto the side of the cages OUT that dont go all the way across a cage...those are real good at causing injuries of all sorts especially during nite frights so please remove them as that may have been what initially caused this eye injury...thanks

i do however like what you did with the ladders to compensate for vertical bars...nice job

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