[size:11pt][b]Illusive Fantasy, Yes, I should be sleeping! :crazy: Normally, I would be, but a really bad movie kept me up this late. Thank you for your words of sympathy. Things have been very bad for many in Japan now. Here’s a shot of Dango Chan & Popo Chan’s cage setup. It’s an older picture, but the setup is still generally the same. My boy & girl each have their own cages, side by side. If you look, you can see Dango Chan & Popo Chan in their respective cages, so that should give you a good idea of their cage size. I keep their food and supplies under their cage & a wooden play gym & bath on top of their cage. The cage is against a wall in my “main” room (where I eat, sleep, work, watch TV, listen to music, whatever). The birds are definitely the center of attention. :) The back, top and left & right sides are covered with a thick sheet of plastic to protect against drafts. I used to cover the front of their cages at night because I used to stay up much later than them. But Dango Chan had night frights every once in a while. :o Now I leave the room light on low & the front of their cage uncovered during the night and his spells have pretty much ended & we all go to sleep at the same time. First click of the light “chain” and they all flutter to their bedtime perches. Second click and its nighty-night for all three of us. I’m getting off topic aren’t i? Thank goodness I have a three day holiday now. I can stay up and ramble in the darkness (first two clicks have already happened several hours ago!). Back on track. . . ;) [img]http://i336.photobucket.com/albums/n337/Guregoreo/Twnscage-1.jpg[/img] I’ll see if I can find any good close up pictures for you tomorrow. What is it that you’re looking for? Heavy metal toxicity? I’ve recently read about it, especially with regards to cages. Mine aren’t coated & I feared that might be a possibility, but when I bought mine, I was told they are made of stainless steel, how the hell can I tell? :confused: Is there a test I can do? I was concerned they might not be & as a precaution I asked the vet about this, but after her examination & based on Popo Chan’s generally active nature, good looking poop & healthy weight, the vet did not believe this was the case. Aside from the cuttlebone & mineral blocks, there are no other “shredding” toys. She has a lot of foot toys which she loves to toss about, a few wooden and plastic toys, perches of various thicknesses (both plastic, dowel and natural)& quite a few plastic ladders against the cage walls which she loves to climb on, but nothing that she rips apart. Her feather condition began a few months ago. Little by little she began growing these funky down feathers, but her vigor and energy remained. I brushed them off as being a silly freak of nature & I was expecting them to molt, and some did, but the others remained. It was a few weeks ago when her left “eyelid” seemed infected that her character clearly changed & I took her to the vet. The first day of her eye condition, her eyelid was a little red and slightly bald (probably from rubbing against her plastic ladders for “relief.”) & I thought maybe she got some cuttlebone “dust” in her eye. The morning of the second day, it was swollen & looked horrible. :sick: The eye itself seemed fine, but the area around it was swollen. I got her to the vet later that afternoon. I was concerned that the two problems might be related, but the vet felt they were not. However, she is not a trained avian vet & I am planning to get a second opinion. But that said, now that her eyelid has healed, Popo Chan is back to her active self. These past two weeks she has clearly been sick. :cry: Tomorrow I’ll take a closer look at her foot to see if it is crooked. I haven’t noticed it before, but you might be on to something. Thank you for your help & ideas.[/b][/size] :)

Peace & Happiness