Actually illusive to tell the truth I DIDN'T notice the cage when i looked at pics this morn. I wasn't quite awake yet. I did notice tho when I came back just now.
Possibly not powder coated? Is it powder coated cage wire Tanaka? So many, and yes mostly in Japan and China, are having issues due to unsafe cages. Heavy metal toxicity.
I didn't notice the toes until illusive mentioned them and I had to go back and look. You are SO observant illusive, Wow! Good eye!

I love the pic of them kissing between the cages Tanaka. awwww

I also want to send my best to you and yours in regards to what has been going on there in your country. I actually had thought of you when I heard the news, but hadn't seen you in so long here...I didn't think you would get a message from me anyway.So good to see you're back and ok smile