[size:11pt][b]Too funny kksuns, we posted at the same time! :D Thanks for your support. I’m glad to hear you’ve heard good things about Nekton supplements & Illusive Fantasy, too!!! :) ;) :grin: Popo’s eye was the vet’s & my main concern, but now that her eye is better (yea!) I want to get her hairy self back to “normal.” But now she is eating and drinking normally & her poop (it always comes down to the poop, huh? :/ ) is normal. She’s a bundle of energy, so based on this, I think whatever is the problem is not life threatening at the moment, but she will probably have to undergo some sort of an ongoing treatment/supplement. I just wish I clearly knew what was going on with her so I could do whatever is necessary. :crazy: I agree, hairy or not, she’s got a cute little fluffy bottom! :blush: [/b][/size]

Peace & Happiness