[size:11pt][b]Hello Illusive Fantasy! :) Thanks for your response. I definitely appreciate your input. I checked out your Nekton-Bio link & that looks like it could be promising and probably better than the recommended Nekton-S. ;) I found Amazon ships this overseas, so this will soon be ordered from them unless I can find somewhere here in Japan which can ship locally (Sadly, Amazon Japan does not carry this). :o I thought along the same lines as you regarding the full spectrum light. My babies get a little natural sunlight, but not much. And none at all during the cold winter. I ordered a light at the pet shop where I got my budgies. I wish I had one earlier, but hindsight (a.k.a. “stupidity”) is 20/20 :crazy:. When trying to figure out what to do with Popo Chan’s eye, I read about “light therapy” for sick birds in Barron’s “The Parakeet Handbook” & realized it could possibly be beneficial for her feathers as well. Hopefully, I’ll have a light for Popo Chan (and Dango Chan, too) anytime now. :) [color:#CC0000]Both Dango Chan & Popo Chan get a mix of different seeds/foods:[/color] Their main diet has consisted of Hari Approved “Living World Premium for Budgies” which consists of a mix of seeds, fruits, vegetables & pellets. They also receive a mix of two different seed mixes (Japanese brand – “Qualis”) Both are labeled as “Orange Flavonoid.” Their diet is supplemented with “Tropican Egg Granules”& Pittorin (a Japanese budgie food recommended to me by the pet shop where I got Popo Chan & Dango Chan) From time to time, they get small amounts of millet or oats as a treat. Cuttlebone & mineral blocks are always in their cages & getting munched on. Popo Chan (the girl), absolutely destroys them! :D Currently, since just before Popo went to the vet, I’ve also been mixing her seed with a little Exact Hand Feeding Baby Formula powder (dry, not wet). This is actually listed below the Abba Green 92A w/Seed Eggfood on the link you sent me! This is the same formula she & Dango Chan were hand fed as babies. In the past, it was mixed with water, heated & prepared along with the before mentioned Pittorin. I’ve tried all kinds of tricks to get them to eat fresh vegetables, but neither of them have gone for it. :crazy: They’ll peck at them briefly at times, but generally ignore them. They still get carrot, broccoli, peas & greens. . . But as of now, I cannot say that any of these are actually part of their diet. However, they do eat the dry fruits & vegetables included in their main food mix. . . Go figure! :crazy: When you awake from your “slumber of the dead,” I’m interested to hear any ideas you have.[/b][/size] :)

Peace & Happiness